Katarína Varsiková

Spring Yoga Recharge

A week in the middle of Slovak mountains in the full swing of spring with two yoga classes a day. May it be still winter wagging the tail goodbye when we are stretching pleasantly into the warmth, yoga teaches us to accept all. Emotions, sensations, reactions, we are learning to observe all and evolve, getting to know ourselves. Ourselves is the key word here, it is the most adventurous journey home. A healthy ego takes part in the adventure, a neurotic ego tries to sabotage, or turn the journey into a crazy roller-coaster ride on which we did not hop voluntarily, into which we were placed, and now we are awaiting an inevitable crash.

A healthy and a neurotic ego? How to tell them apart?

Neurotic ego runs under the abbreviation FACE: fear, attachment, control, entitlement. The conductor is fear. A healthy ego represents CARE: courage, anchor, resilience and evolution. (FACE inspired by David Richo and his book Shadow Dance).

To take the FACE one into consideration means gaining access to courage, it is our essential quality, yes, we are both vulnerable and strong. Instead of lingering to anything out there, a person, a thing, a place, we explore own body and mind. The urge to control is another mask of fear, if we admit it, we obtain resilience in each experience. Whatever comes along, may it be sadness, doubt, anger, we are fully there. A blown-up ego calls for entitlement, but if we look closer, it only fears losing. Admitting it, we allow ourselves to grow, we allow changes to take place.

And yoga? My friend says, Yoga teaches us to fall and stand up. Yoga teaches us to respect limits and then, when limits suddenly disappear, we are there, in the present moment embrace. Yoga erases old and writes down new. To celebrate life means to live full potential; yoga invites all to celebrate life.

The morning yoga session at Sojka will aim at strengthening back and belt, at stability and balance and fire of digestion. The evening session will be like coming home after a long active day, where fire is lit, where there is a cup of tea and a glass of wine poured. It is rooting and calming.

And other Sojka moments? Walks, hikes, trips, massages, sauna, or deck chair and a book, story-telling. Good food and plenty of opportunity to talk or be silent. Comfort and security, zero blame and zero criticism allow trust to grow. Yes, sometimes things come to place as if by magic wand. Yes, but there is a lot acceptance involved. No, yoga has not made my life simpler, yoga has brought order into my life, it teaches me to see meaning(s) in the experience. Here and now. And the FACE popping up? Never mind, let it be, all continues, and better so, otherwise I might get bored.

Looking forward to seeing you:

From 10/05/2018 to 17/05/2018


From 17/05/2018 to 24/05/2018

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