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Learning, Unlearning, Grounding

Many years of studies, many exams, pre-exam anxiety moments and… For what? The question pops up when, decades later, washing a water jar and changing the filter, I rate it the highlight of my working day in terms of joy and contentment. There are emails, phone calls, office discussions and more; still, performing a simple manual task feels the best.

I am not denying anything: all the years of studying are the underpinning structure. I also know I can write, translate, prepare a yoga class, do a yoga class, I can choose what to read, meditate and much more in freedom. Be the creative flow I have unconsciously searched all my life. Knowing it, changing a water filter feels so neat and satisfying.

Also, clearly, I am doing a lot of unlearning – sorting out, letting go what I have learnt but does not serve (any more). An example: a sentence I heard almost daily in my childhood: Do not go barefeet. Put on slippers. Put on shoes. Walking barefeet is my adult freedom and joy, and if you look up the word „groundig“, you will find a lot on importance of earth touch.

Here from the Chopra web: https://chopra.com/articles/grounding-the-human-body-the-healing-benefits-of-earthing

Belgium has a lake area in the northeast of the country. Some are classic – beach – boat – fishing – ones, the ones adapted to the needs and pleasures of humans. Some are truly wild, impossible to get close to through marshes and soft dark wet soil. Home to herons and other birds. Eerie, seemingly far from human world. Spare in colours, and the few tones are striking.

A girl who is in the morning meditation group joins us these days from her walking trip from the west end to the east end of Slovakia (though not a big country, Slovakia is rather long). She does not walk the mountains in the centre, which is quite a famous ridge trip, she takes the southern route, through towns and villages, along roads and rivers. The project is for the thesis and has a working title Search for Love.

One more question:

How has it occurred to people to think we are somehow more important or wiser than other species?

This premise is being correcting itself these days, I guess. In the process, through experience, through clear signs, through rediscovering humbleness, through grounding. Leading us no one knows where to. It is all right not to know.

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