Katarína Varsiková

Out there. Spots and Shots

Picture is ours: Dancers in the Town

What does a viewer get from gazing at large prints, most of them black and white, of the Swiss photographer? They are not too many exposed in the stunning, charming and dilapidated Botanique of Brussels (https://botanique.be/en/exhibition/balthasar-burkhard-2019).

Sea waves, mountain peaks, marsh landscape, nudes, a series of self-portraits and a few animal portraits.

In one print we peer into a place we rarely see so close. We, women, usually with gathered courage and a mirror a few times in our lives. Under favorable circumstances, we, women, let only a few men gaze so close into this single spot, the black hole, the centre of the universe, the guarded door to pleasure and pain. (Well, on depends on personal preference here, of course).

The few animal portraits are particularly touchy; the animals do not have egos, so they do not radiate doubts, questions, praise or humiliation through their bodies. I see dignity.

We went to the exhibition with Lou and with our two cameras to a half-forgotten spot in town: the terraced gardens with a city skyline not far from the metro station Le Parc. The architectural project was an ambitious one, though obviously did not prove itself, as it happens often. Handsome police officers poured out and crossed the huge concrete terrace, going on some practice training. A group of hip-hop dancers rehearsed their choreography in harsh winter wind.  The light is grey, both soft and hard, depends on positions. It a peculiar thing – to go out with the aim of photo shooting, an awkward – What? Why? How? – moment. Successful? According to whom? Based on what criteria? Easier is not even to try, but the sense of richness when we try is worth it.

We had lunch at a very quiet Japanese place whose owner served ramens and then said they were closed today, actually. And an expresso in a little Greek café where cakes appeared almost Slovak-style and the prices, too. The coffee moment ended in a short conversation after I knocked over a little statue:

“It is a fish.”

“No, it is a ship with an eye.”

“It is a fish and a ship.”

“No, it is a ship with an eye.”

All right, so it is a ship with an eye.

Lou says I always provoke talks with strangers, even at the cost of knocking over their statutes.

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