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A Perfect Day for a Banana Fish (The title of J.D.Salinger´s masterpiece short story)

Did you know that 60 percent of your DNA is the same as a banana, 80 percent same as a mouse, 97 percent same as a monkey?” Deepak Chopra.

As for the national identity, just send a sample of your spit to one of the labs doing DNA analysis. A mixture of genes we carry surprises, our origins encompass continents. I sometimes feel so Slovak, sometimes my Viking blood gets into the forefront, and sometimes I feel hopelessly German. Who am I?

The urge to wage war against another is a fear-dictated response of our reptile brain wired for survival.

There is no question of who is right or wrong in a conflict. Everybody fiercely defends his/her own story. In addition, each story is a bundle of illusions, suppression, ego strategies, urban legends, memories and… a need to be right. It is a coctail, the receipe of which none can completely disclose.

Why do I need to be right?

Because I do not feel safe enough?

We are entangled. Despite any propaganda, all identities are superficial, as stable as the caps we wear. They change, can be lost, and get dirty, or out of fashion. All goodies are within us: responsibility, strength, confidence, joy.  No role, function, position, money or family situation can do or undo these qualities.

Armed conflicts are obsolete. We share the planet and the planet needs our creative, unique, love-bound action. To start with oneself. Passion, compassion, patience with oneself and we will mirror, attract and radiate these qualities to the world.

Who am I?

Certainly not what states my visit card or the passport?

We all are wired to cooperate, to be together, and to share joy. The war is showing this, too. Though in a twisted hyperbole and at the cost of huge suffering. This suffering will again leave a trauma print and it will require more empathy, attention and heaps of will to heal. Read the novelists and writers of post-war periods. Read the 9 stories by Salinger.

A piece of good news: We have evolved in empathy and we have accessed great tools. No need to gulp down, numb, suffocate with unpleasant emotions and wait for the mercy of death to relieve us from psychological suffering.

The stakes are high. A good news – we all can be winners. Let´s pay attention to our own drama needs, the dozens ways we manipulate our loved ones because we so do not feel safe enough. Not lovable, not heard, not accepted. The grooved old patterns of our minds.

There are many ways to change this. Many techniques. Many tools. Pause. Breathe. What do I really feel? Do I deserve punishment or a loving attention and patience and honesty?

The real battlefield is our own conditioned mind. Embracing and owning the shadow, we dissolve the karmic bonds and discover treasures, because in the realm of the shadow real gifts dwell.

Coming out of the hiding, into the open, down the rabbit hole and up again.

Am I this and that? A teacher. A writer. A mother. A daughter. A friend. A lover. A yogi.  Really?

What about the sixty percent identical with a banana?

And no… we do not own this planet. We have no right to use weapons that compromise other species and their habitats. If our body cells operated similarly to our ego agendas, we wouldn´t even survive a day. Our body cells, nevertheless, cooperate, seek best solutions, tune to the environment. listen to our deep needs.

It all starts within. I do have a desire to share the healing process in a personal way, but that again would lead to story-fying and be a subject to interpretation, so I do it rather carefuly. Another good news: we support and encourage each other in countless unique ways.

These are a few links to my inspirations on the healing path:


@theholisticpsychologist on IG. Dr. Nicole LePera also has her platform that is easy to find.

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