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Yoga. Body and Soul.

Picture: Lucia in Tuscany a few years ago. Her light shines through. 

Writing this in an inner dialogue with Sivarama Swami, the thoughts triggered by his video about the lost soul of yoga. The video to be found at the Facebook page of Sivarama Swami. Grateful it has brought me to these thoughts: 

Yoga evolves. Postures, places, props, pants, and all. Evolution is its biggest secret and strength. Yoga is  breathing, moving and an adventure leading to the Self, and, yes, it is also business. We pay for classes, we pay for training, and it is all right, because this is how the world is organized now here.

We are part of the nature, prakriti, it  means we have physical bodies, egos and emotions. Hopes, fears,  ups and downs. David Richo in the book Shadow dance says we are often like frightened children whistling in the cemetery and we deserve accompaniment, friends. Yoga is one of the friends. I find it great that yoga nowadays is also a sport. We need it. We need to move the bodies to perform our tasks. We are hairdressers, officers, drivers, parents, travelers, dancers, students, or monks, for the matter. And many more. The lighter, the more spacious are our bodies, the better we perform. My teacher, Claude Maréchal, shares yoga with Christian monks in monasteries, because their discipline does not include physical practice and they need one, too.

Walking the road,  I am giving up the idea of getting rid of all fears. I start to understand that yoga, above all, helps me to live with the fears. Bhagavad Gita is a beautiful text and a great way of a spiritual warrior. For me, the central message of it is: Stand exactly where you are, where life has put you. There is where transformation begins. Admit your fears and know that you are not alone.

We are not less spiritual when sipping an oatmeal cappuccino after a yoga class than we are when seated in a forest in a padmasana (lotus seat). After all, yoga brings the unity of opposites, it accompanies us in our own unique path, where the teacher is within, where healing powers are released, where judgement is dropped, and all is embraced.

On the road home we are, to the mysterious place not dotted on any road map, because roads are so many, ever-changing and mysterious.


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Katarina Varsikova

Katarina Varsikova

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